Acute sports injuries

It is a very frustrating thing for someone who has been spending time training or exercising only for it to be affected by an injury. We can get pains throughout the body depending on the event that we are training for. Stiffness or repetitive strain are quite common with exercise however this blog is going to focus on muscle trauma, tears, ankle sprains and general injury which cause an immediate swell and can be very painful.

In most cases therapists are limited in what can be done for injuries in the immediate after affect of the incident as the tissue itself will be too inflamed for treatment and most therapists will advise R.I.C.E ( Rest Ice Compress Elevate )

Acute sports injuries treatment

In Amgtherapy however there is a treatment that we can begin within hours of the event to improve healing of the tissues. For injuries like hamstring tear, sprained ankles, hip flexor injury etc  we use Frequency Specific Microcurrent which will

  1. reduce inflammation
  2. reduce bleeding in the muscle tissue
  3. promote fresh oxygenated blood to the area
  4. restore functionality to the affected cells
  5. improve healing ability
Before first treatment
Before first treatment

In most cases the bruise on the tissue will start to turn yellow/brown within hours, or at most 2 days whereas you could be left with a black bruise for anything from 4-5 days to 3-4 weeks depending on severity. This is completely safe to happen in the body all the black bruise is, is trapped blood which hasn’t been able to leave the area and is effectively slowing down recovery.

The body is excellent at stopping itself from bleeding out and it doesn’t really consider long term effects during the process, so the layers of tissue formed over the injury (scar tissue) will not be in the natural direction of the muscle fibers and will limit that muscles range of motion.

Client sent in this image two days after the second session which was 6 days after the fisrt session
Client sent in this image two days after the second session which was 6 days after the fisrt session

The inflammation has also a vital role in recovery in the initial stages as it activates the immune system and prevents infection,  delivering repair cells, molecules, oxygen and nutrients to the wound.

When the initial period of injury is complete the inflammation actually slows down recovery.  In Amgtherapy the Frequency Specific Microcurrent is aiding the body to heal the bleed but enabling the removal of unwanted inflammation and deoxygenated blood which has been affected by the trauma.


Frequency Specific Microcurrent

In the Amgtherapy clinic Frequency Specific Microcurrent has enabled clients to return to work, activities  or training sooner than originally expected. Some examples are

Notes : After 6 weeks we can remove scar tissue which will hinder movement of any joints and we can also improve the healing process of any breaks, fractures or strains even when the cast is still applied. For more information or to answer any queries please contact us