Growth Pain

Its a very common thing for our teenagers to be suffering with pain in the back, shoulders and hips as their bodies are adapting rapidly to change over them years never mind the school chairs, sports activities and many impact injuries they will pass off as normal. However when the pain starts to impact their lives daily it becomes a problem and parents will generally go to the doctor to see if there is anything they can do. More often than not unfortunately with no results. Here are the general complaints your teenager will have ( may not present with all symptoms)



Aiden in Amgtherapy has had a number of clients with this pain pattern in this age category and they have been to many types of appointments in the hope for some relief. The main question they hadn’t got asked before, and the answer to the problem is –

Has your Teenager taken a sudden growth spurt?

When they have this growth spurt the bodies muscles are adapting to a new length of muscle fibres and are not as pliable and are more vulnerable to the knocks, stresses and tension of a teenagers day to day life.  Also when the muscles are lengthened over time the bodies reflex response is to tighten and contract. This is due to the nervous systems inability to predict if this change is going to affect the body in a negative way, muscles will always contract and tighten if they feel they are going to tear, therefore limiting the range of movement. This then over time becomes the tension in the lower back and shoulders which will have a direct impact on the neck and headaches. slides1

Amgtherapys answer

Treatment of the muscles around the hip and lower back and the kinetic connection to the shoulders and neck provides teenagers with that much needed relief that they have sought. The treatment includes the reintroduction of length to the muscle tissue and treatment processes that enable the nervous system to respond positivity to the new muscle length.

It is a treatment that generally doesn’t need revisited and provides the teenager with the ability to study, play and interact pain free. This also enables confidence to improve as they are no longer focused on the old constant pain. Please contact us if you would like any further information or to make an appointment