In amgtherapy in Letterkenny clients are often amazed by where their pain is being created from, they come in explaining where their pain is being experienced and during the consultation we will discuss that the source of the pain will be away from where the pain is being experienced in the majority of cases. The reason for that is myofascial trigger points which can be formed from for example a traumatic event, calcium dysfunction, a lack of circulation in the muscle tissue or a lack of oxygen in the muscle tissue.

trigger point

The trigger point will cause the tissue to act differently than normal and this can react in several different ways depending on the trigger point and the reason it formed in the first place. Some examples of the tissue reaction is  for the tissue to shorten and tighten, feel numb, cause redness in the surrounding skin, dryness, excessive sweating, goose pimples and cause nerve referral away from the muscle tissue and along a specific nerve path.

Trigger points can mimic everything from nerve pain, muscle tension, headaches, toothaches etc, and can be the cause of frozen shoulder, tennis/golfers elbow, sciatica, back pain, hip pain, knee pain and many more. There have been some fantastic examples of results by treating myofascial trigger points in the clinic here is a list of a few trigger points treatments that happens in amgtherapy in Letterkenny.


Common symptoms that can be treated 


Very common to be wrongly diagnosed and the gluets are the main cause of trigger point activity that acts like sciatica. Treated a lot in the clinic with active referral from the gluets into the hip and along the outside of the leg. If you are suffering from this trigger point pain you will feel sudden sharp pains from your lower back through your hip into your legs. It will stop you in your tracks and can be completely debilitating.

Lower back pain

You will describe your pain as sudden when you stand up but “I’m alright when I get going” it will feel like a belt tightened on your lower back and sometimes will shoot into your groin area ( on your inner leg). The treatment of this trigger point is almost always involved in most injuries around the hip. The trigger point is in your illiopsoas muscle and is accessed through your abdominal area. 

Frozen Shoulder

The definition of frozen shoulder is chronic stiffness of the shoulder joint. The majority of people that suffer from frozen shoulder is male and more than likely worked a repetitive hard laboring job such as building, plastering, painting etc. The treatment of trigger points in the muscle tissue surrounding the scapula and into the arm and towards the lower back enables us to gain a greater range of movement in the shoulder joint. Also in amgtherapy’s clinic we can run frequency specific microcurrent to break down any adhesion or scar tissue that has formed in the muscle tissue.

Numbness in your arm along top of shoulder

Described as a strange coldness or numbness in the side of the arm and “its hard to explain, its not pain, but it just doesn’t feel right” is a common phrase used to describe the area by the client. Treatment of the muscles in your chest area will cause the active referral to the area.

Toothache pain

The type of pain that no one will associate with referral from a muscle tissue until they experience it. Have you been to the dentist to try and relieve a pain that has been unsuccessful. Myofascial trigger points is the most likely cause from the muscles surrounding your face.


A very common complaint in the clinic and one that normally is mentioned as part of another treatment. For example I have a sore shoulder and I suffer bad with headaches. Myofascial trigger points in the neck and shoulders is the main cause of muscle referral to headaches.

Carpal tunnel

Compression of the carpal bones around the tissues and nerves, however there is also myofascial trigger point activity that can cause carpal tunnel like feelings which is referred from your shoulder, biceps, triceps and forearm.

Everyday in the clinic Aiden continues to enjoy the results of the trigger point treatment, if you have a pain that you have been unable to recover from no matter what you have tried it is most likely an active trigger point.

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