Teenager – Growth Pain

Growth Pain Its a very common thing for our teenagers to be suffering with pain in the back, shoulders and hips as their bodies are adapting rapidly to change over them years never mind the school chairs, sports activities and many impact injuries they will pass off as normal. However when the pain starts to […]

Acute sports injuries

Acute sports injuries It is a very frustrating thing for someone who has been spending time training or exercising only for it to be affected by an injury. We can get pains throughout the body depending on the event that we are training for. Stiffness or repetitive strain are quite common with exercise however this blog […]

Myofascial Trigger points

In amgtherapy in Letterkenny clients are often amazed by where their pain is being created from, they come in explaining where their pain is being experienced and during the consultation we will discuss that the source of the pain will be away from where the pain is being experienced in the majority of cases. The […]

The Visit to Liverpool Fc Academy

On 22nd May 2015 I had the opportunity to return and do some work with 5timesco which is a company who specialise in former Liverpool players events. I had worked previously with them when treating Jason McAteer and Robbie Fowler in the Abbey hotel in Donegal town in August 2013 and also when treating at […]

Marathon Running – Common injuries received

With the Belfast Marathon only a matter of weeks away there will be many of you out on the roads on training plans to maximise the potential of you completing the marathon to your individual goal. In this blog I am going to answer some FAQ’s in relation to running a marathon and the injuries […]

Treatment of Shingles and Post Herpetic Neuralgia

There is always someone you know who have suffered with shingles in the past and will do anything for the “shingles cure”. I am not going to claim that I have the cure, but what I am able to provide is the specific frequencies of FSM for Shingles and Post Herpetic Neuralgia that has provided […]

Treatment of Liverpool Fc Legends

In August 2013 I had the opportunity to treat two Liverpool legends in Jason McAteer and Robbie Fowler. As a Liverpool fan this was a fantastic opportunity to meet two individuals to whom I had watched almost every kick of their career. As a therapist I was solely focused on getting the best result for […]