I have had a number of sports related injuries, the worst being a severe case of shin splints. I was forced to take a full year off only for the symptoms to return within two weeks on my resumption of training. I immediately started a course of treatment with Aiden and have been completely symptom free for the last 18 months.

Aiden runs a very professional clinic, has a vast knowledge in numerous areas, I have and will continue to recommend him to others.

Joe Johnston

I can highly recommend Aiden at amg therapy. I attended the clinic for the treatment for an old recurring injury. Aiden is very efficient and simply knows his stuff, has a passion for the work he does and has the knowledge to refer you on if needed, which I am forever greatful…pilates rules!!!! My husband, daughter and son have all been for treatment too, and are all happy with the results. The FSM machine is amazing, doing a great job. Since meeting Aiden I am totally convinced you don’t have to live with back pain or any other …help is available

Vicky Kelly

I went to my Doctor as I was suffering with a severe pain at my neck, the right side of my shoulder, under the right side of my arm and on the top half of my arm.


My doctor said I was suffering from “Post Herpetic Neuralgia” which was a result of having a bout of shingles 6 months prior.  He told me that the pain could last months or in the worst case years.  He said normal pain killers would not work and he prescribed anti-epileptic tablets.  I was to start with taking 3 a day and then rise to 6 and then to 9.  I took the full course of tablets but to my dismay they made no difference at all to my level of pain.

Aiden (who came highly recommended) then came to my rescue. He used the machine called Frequency specific microcurrent which before then I had not heard off, but I am so grateful that I am now aware of it. At the start I could not feel much of a difference in my level of pain, but then gradually the pain changed and was not so intense. I did become frustrated but Aiden was very re-assuring that it would take time because of its severity and to my great relief I am now pain free. I cannot thank Aiden enough and I would recommend this treatment to anyone.

Geraldine Gallagher

I was delighted with the treatment I received for a lower back injury I got from playing football. Aiden was really informative and fully explained what was wrong and the course of treatment I would need. I had a number of sessions due to the severity of my ongoing problem (which I had for a number of years) and with Aiden’s help worked hard on my rehab. I am now pain-free and back playing.


After attending different physios for 12 years with back pain, I wasn’t expecting much more than temporary pain relief again when I tried Aiden. However what actually happened was that I experienced my first, long term, pain free period in years. I felt like we worked towards a solution for my problem rather than masking pain.  I would advise anyone to try this treatment.

Roisin Stewart

Just had some treatment on my sore neck from @amgtherapy have to say he was amazing knows exactly what he is doing #thanks

Former Irish international 

Jason Mc Ateer

My wife had treatment from Aiden and had recommended for me to attend his clinic with a pain that I had. The Doctor had said to me that it was due to shingles that I had this pain, and that it may last months.  Aiden was excellent from the start and reassured there was a greater opportunity to recover because of FSM ( which is an amazing thing to which Aiden had no problem further explaining throughout our treatment) I recovered in full after 3 sessions and have not felt any pain since. I later discovered friends of mine who suffered similar but hadn’t received this treatment confirming the horrible pain they have had for quite a while. I’m just delighted my wife told me about Aiden and I have informed my friends to attend the clinic and will continue to do so

Sean Murphy

I had been a sufferer of sciatic pain for 8 months prior to attending amgtherapy.  I had been to a few other treatments and could not get relief as I found the expected exercises very difficult and there was little to no direct treatment. Aiden was different, it turned out a car crash I had been involved in over a year previously ( to which I had never thought of telling anyone prior) had an effect on my spine. At the time of the crash I had only pain in my neck which went away. During treatment Aiden explained the effect that can have on other parts of the body. I must say I found it strange to attend for a sore pain in the leg and get treatment in my shoulders but it without doubt made the difference as I am now pain free for 5 months and have informed friends of his services who have all had equal success. I would recommend this treatment to anyone

Una Mc Gee

The difference that I feel since starting treatment with Aiden is unreal. I am like most people who have chronic long term pain and tried many different clinics. To the point of giving up. My friends recommended Aiden. I must say he’s a natural. I was nervous going as I usually am but he made me feel very relaxed and has a unique way of describing what’s wrong. He didn’t use any medical terms but instead a story that is relatable to my individual life, put in a way that made so much sense for the first time. I have since told my friends this and they all agreed they felt the same. 

A great service to have in our local area 

Mary Gallagher 


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