Approximately 4 years ago I began to experience  back pain and was diagnosed with a bulging disc on my lower left side.

Prior to this I had been quite active through running regularly and playing local football.The next few years proved very frustrating as I experienced 1 painful set back after another, attending a number of different physios along the way, and still no solution.After a painful experience with sciatica I had resigned myself to the fact that I wouldn’t be able to play sport again.

I started attending AMG Therapy earlier this year on referral from my work. Aiden was quick to reassure me all was not lost.He was able to explain in detail how I would be treated and within a couple of sessions I felt significantly better. In a short period of time I have been able to get back into sport without any relapse and can honestly say the treatment has changed my life significantly.

I am grateful to Aiden for all he has done to help me get back to the point that I was able to train for and complete the Berlin Marathon in September this year !

I would recommend AMG Therapy for treatment especially for anyone that has given up hope on a long term injury!”

Richard DonaldBelfast

Aiden has been working with us for almost two years and has achieved some wonderful results.  He has a special talent when it comes to identifying the root cause of a problem.  He has helped many people completely resolve chronic pain that they had been told could not be cured or fixed without surgery or on-going medication. He has a friendly and engaging manner and he has always provided sound advice and treatment to help our colleagues in need of pain relief and treatment.

Harry CorryHarry Corry Ltd

I came to Aiden firstly with a serious ligament injury in one foot and a serious achilles tendon injury in the other.  I very much appreciated Aiden's honesty at the outset stating that it would take at least three sessions to fully understand the extent of the injuries and then determine how many sessions required from there on in.  Since then I have had my IT bands worked on my Shoulders/back and neck released which were all frozen due to stress and further aggravating my lower leg injuries. He also suggested insoles to improve my gait which was also leading to back and leg stress. I am now noticing marked improvements in pain levels.   Aiden is approachable, emphatic, knowledgeable and above all a very decent human being.  He goes over and above what he should do in his sessions and I would have no hesitation in referring anyone to his clinic.  I wish him continued success in the future. 

Barry Dorrian Inishowen

Just had some treatment on my sore neck from @amgtherapy have to say he was amazing knows exactly what he is doing #thanks

Jason McAteerFormer Irish International/Liverpool FC Player

After attending different physios for 12 years with back pain, I wasn't expecting much more than temporary pain relief again when I tried Aiden. However what actually happened was that I experienced my first, long term, pain free period in years. I felt like we worked towards a solution for my problem rather than masking pain. I would advise anyone to try this treatment.

Roisin StewartStrabane

went to my Doctor as I was suffering with a severe pain at my neck, the right side of my shoulder, under the right side of my arm and on the top half of my arm. My doctor said I was suffering from "Post Herpetic Neuralgia" which was a result of having a bout of shingles 6 months prior.  He told me that the pain could last months or in the worst case years.  He said normal pain killers would not work and he prescribed anti-epileptic tablets.  I was to start with taking 3 a day and then rise to 6 and then to 9.  I took the full course of tablets but to my dismay they made no difference at all to my level of pain. Aiden (who came highly recommended) then came to my rescue. He used the machine called Frequency specific microcurrent which before then I had not heard off, but I am so grateful that I am now aware of it. At the start I could not feel much of a difference in my level of pain, but then gradually the pain changed and was not so intense. I did become frustrated but Aiden was very re-assuring that it would take time because of its severity and to my great relief I am now pain free. I cannot thank Aiden enough and I would recommend this treatment to anyone.

Geraldine GallagherStrabane

I can highly recommend Aiden at amg therapy. I attended the clinic for the treatment for an old recurring injury. Aiden is very efficient and simply knows his stuff, has a passion for the work he does and has the knowledge to refer you on if needed, which I am forever greatful...pilates rules!!!! My husband, daughter and son have all been for treatment too, and are all happy with the results. The FSM machine is amazing, doing a great job. Since meeting Aiden I am totally convinced you don't have to live with back pain or any other ...help is available

Vicky KellyConvoy

I have had a number of sports related injuries, the worst being a severe case of shin splints. I was forced to take a full year off only for the symptoms to return within two weeks on my resumption of training. I immediately started a course of treatment with Aiden and have been completely symptom free for the last 18 months.Aiden runs a very professional clinic, has a vast knowledge in numerous areas, I have and will continue to recommend him to others.

Joe JohnstonMuff

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