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Shingles Treatment and Post Herpetic Neuralgiacompatible


In amgtherapys Physical therapy clinic in Letterkenny the use of Frequency Specific Microcurrent enables Aiden to provide a treatment that will reduce the pain of the shingles withing the treatment. With most cases the client will arrive scoring themselves on a scale of 8-9/10 (10 being the worst pain imaginable) and leave scoring themselves 1-3/10. If the client is in the acute phase of the shingles and has the blisters active they will have a more dramatic reduction in pain. The patient needs to be well hydrated and the specific frequencies will be able to allow the blisters to scab over in 2-3 days rather than the normal 3-6 weeks.

BLUEMANIf the client is suffering from Post herpetic neuralgia, they will normally need 3-6 sessions and the pain will reduce during the treatment but will return at some stage after the treatment, this is not something for the client to be concerned about as after each session the length of time with no pain will increase until it no longer returns. This is determined by the length it has been since the original shingles virus and by the duration the client has been suffering from Post herpetic neuralgia. The final stage of the Post herpetic neuralgia treatment is some treatment direct into the muscle tissue to allow normal functionality to return.To make an appointment or for further information contact amgtherapy today.

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What is Post Herpetic Neuralgia

Post Herpetic Neuralgia is a constant pain that can occur after having a shingles infection and the risk of this occurring is increased with age. The pain may appear up to a year after the initial shingles virus and the patient struggles to connect that the pain is due to the shingles virus. The pain will travel along the same dermatomal path as the shingles appeared and can be described as a severe, burning, stabbing, constant pain. The pain could last weeks, months or even years and causes a lot of knock on effects such as depression as the client is in so much agony for a prolonged period of time.

Do I need to do anything before treatment?

Yes, it is vital that you are hydrated. The expected intake of water to attend amgtherapy is 2 litres prior to this watertreatment with a small bottle to sip at during treatment also.

If results do not happen for you it is more than likely due to not having enough water taken. You do not have to hold the water in, it simply needs to be consumed. It is recommended that you begin drinking water daily until your appointment as most of us are chronically dehydrated. It is also required that you do not drink any caffeine related drinks as this will affect your hydration intake.

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