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What are the benefits of having Laya and Aviva health insurance when getting treated in amgtherapyaiden-mcguirk
Aiden is a registered member of the association of neuromuscular and physical therapists which is recognised by Laya and Aviva health insurance. This benefit means which the receipt provided in the clinic you can claim up to half the expense back. The amount of claims you can make is limited per year and this will be different in all policies.

Will there be much pain involved in the treatment
It is always the intention not to cause much pain during treatment, however with deep taught chronic tissue there can be discomfort during the treatment. The client is always in control of the pressure that they are comfortable with.

I have had treatment before, but the pain is not going away. What’s different in this treatment that may help my pain.
As mentioned throughout the website in most clinics the therapist is treating the areas were the pain is being experienced. In amgtherapy the kinetic chain and the source of the pain is the primary target which in turn releases the pressure on the area you are experiencing pain. This enables us to treat that painful area and minimising the potential return of pain to the area

What is a kinetic chain
The kinetic chain is your bones, muscles, nerves and fascia all acting as one to provide stability. These systems are linked together in a ubiquitous, continuous system and interconnect to generate, absorb and dissipate forces resulting in human movement.
How many sessions will it take for me to feel the benefits
This can vary with every client and with every condition. In general you will notice difference straight away, but with some cases, especially more chronic situations you will feel a more gradual difference

Are there any public reviews of your treatment outside this website
Yes, google reviews are available if you type amgtherapy into google you will be able to view any reviews that have been submitted, and this is also were you can leave a review of your own experience if you wish to do so

My Doctor has recommended Physio therapy, will amgtherapy’s treatment help
Yes, amgtherapy works closely with a number of doctors for private referrals. Depending on your injury you will be able to avail of both the frequency specific microcurrent and the physical therapy techniques to improve your condition

Is the treatment covered by the medical card
No, apologies but amgtherapy is privately run, and therefore is not able to accept medical cards.

What is the cost of the treatment
The price of the hour long treatment including consultation and postural assessment is €40.00

For more information or to enquire about appointments please contacts us at any time.

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