Cancellation Policy

When you have made an appointment with Aiden at amgtherapy it is appreciated that you are doing so in good faith and intend to attend the appointment.

It’s for this reason that Aiden will send a reminder text the day before your appointment. If it no longer suits there is no problem to cancel and reschedule. No fee will be applied if this is the case and a suitable new slot can be arranged.

I understand things can come up last minute and appointments may have to be cancelled. However any appointment that is cancelled on the day will endure a cancellation fee in the format that follows

• notified prior to the start of the appointment will result in a fee of €40. The fee is not the full fee in appreciation that things come up, however with this in mind I would appreciate that you accept that everyone will be applied this fee no matter how regular they attend as it covers the cost of the unfilled slot. This payment can be made at your next appointment.

• failure to notify at all will result in a full fee being applied and this needs to be paid in full before any further appointments can be made

Thanks for your understanding