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If you find yourself feeling lost with where to go to get finally free from a pain and have tried multiple treatments it’s most likely a referred pain coming from somewhere else. That’s where Amgtherapy comes in 

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"Finally I felt like it was making a change"

I had a pain in my shoulder for a long time. constantly getting massages and had tried lots of different treatments until i found Aiden at amgtherapy by treating the reason the pain was there rather than where the pain was I noticed an instant difference

"Simply put it all made sense"

Aiden has a unique way to describe why my pain has happened without me feeling overwhelmed with medical terms. A great service to have in Donegal

"I'm pain free for first time in years"

I have suffered with low back issues on and off for years. I had been to the Doctor who described it as wear and tear. Some friends of mine had been to Aiden. Truthfully I had given up with treatments but they were insistent. Thankfully I listened as I'm pain free and back getting out exercising

"The consistency of treatment is second to none"

I had been to couple of clinics with a lower back issue. Each clinic had multiple therapists and on occasions you were with a different one. Although they had your file it felt like going back over everything again. Aiden is the only therapist at Amgtherapy, hard to get into but well worth the wait. I couldn't believe I was pain free in just two sessions

"I couldn't believe where my pain was actually coming from"

We are very Lucky to have this service in Donegal. A friend of mine had used a Neuromuscular therapist in Dublin and had recommended that I google to see if any Neuromuscular therapists were local. I am so glad I did. I always thought my hamstring pain was a local issue and kept getting them rubbed out. I couldnt believe that Aiden was able to replicate the pain from other areas of my body. The difference has been very noticable.

Travelled from Omagh

I have been suffering with pain for a long period and through a work contact I heard about Amgtherapy in Letterkenny. it was worth the couple of journeys to get his professional advice and treatment as it has made all the difference to my lifestyle. Would strongly recommend arranging an appointment.

Why Choose Our Services

“Treat the Source, not the Condition.”

One of the causes of tension in a muscle is myofascial trigger points. This can be the cause of frozen shoulder, tennis/golfers elbow, sciatica, back pain, hip pain, knee pain and many more

Frequency specific microcurrent has completely changed what therapists are able to achieve in a clinic as symptoms that have had no success in other treatments are now able to be treated.

Frequency Specific microcurrent

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Increases energy production
  • Improves healing ability
  • Restores functionality of the Cells
  • Treats nerve pain

A Neuromuscular therapist is a specialist in treating referred pain and changes in sensation. 

A Neuromuscular therapist will be involved with massage and treatment of myofascial trigger points using myofascial techniques.

In the consultation the client will be encouraged to explain previous injuries to Aiden in order to determine the connection to the current injury via the kinetic chain or from referral throughout the body including visceral referral.

Frequently Asked Questions

Referred pain is a term used to describe the pain that travels from an area of tension caused by a trigger point or tension in a local area. An example of referred pain would be a sensation of pain down the arm caused by tightness in the shoulder.

The Kinetic chain is combination of tension and compression throughout the body that is well explained in Tom Myers video of the Tensegrity model. Click on the video to find out more 

Amgtherapy is a member of the Association of Neuromuscular therapists. (ANMT) Members of this association are compatible with LAYA healthcare. 

Members of the Hospital Saturday fund have also been able to use the service

Yes, google reviews are available if you type amgtherapy into google you will be able to view any reviews that have been submitted, and this is also were you can leave a review of your own experience if you wish to do so

also Facebook has reviews from previous clients


No, apologies but amgtherapy is privately run, and therefore is not able to accept medical cards.

In most clinics the therapist is treating the areas were the pain is being experienced. In amgtherapy the kinetic chain and the source of the pain is the primary target which in turn releases the pressure on the area you are experiencing pain. This enables us to treat that painful area and minimising the potential return of pain to the area

The target is still to treat the pain area, but not only that area. The tension and tightness that you are experiencing in for example your neck can be caused by tension in the shoulders or arms. So by treating the source ( in this case the shoulders) the condition ( in this case a sore neck) can be treated. Its most likely why you get a day or two ease from the massage you’ve had but as the source not treated the pain returns.

The target of amgtherapy is to have you pain free as soon as possible. However with varying reasons why you are in pain it can vary how long it will take to be complete. If you wish to contact Aiden with specifics he will be able to give you a more accurate estimate. More will also be explained in the consultation process. 

 Yes in general a doctor will refer clients. Aiden is a Neuromuscular therapist and not a Physiotherapist but there are many techniques that can help you be pain free. 

The price of the  treatment including consultation and postural assessment is €60.00

You don't have to be in sport to be in Pain

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact  Aiden