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Specialist in referred pain and changes in sensation

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Aiden Mc Guirk is a qualified Neuromuscular and physical therapist based in Letterkenny Co Donegal. He specialises in referred pain and changes in sensation, and has continued success in both chronic and acute pain. He is also qualified in Frequency specific microcurrent (FSM) which has evolved what is able to be treated in a clinical environment. The main aim of your physical therapy treatment is for Aiden to treat the source of the condition to enable long term relief from your pain even if you have been suffering for a long period of time

Aiden feels its important that people understand that his clinic is for all sorts of pain from aching muscles, whiplash, repetitive strain, and headaches among others and reminds clients that you don’t have to be in sport to be in pain.  Aiden has helped a wide range of clients suffering from varying problems to be pain free and improve their ability to achieve their personal goals.  Aiden’s physical therapy services have been used by Harry Corry Ltd, Donegal GAA, 5timesco and many others aiming to achieve a pain free lifestyle.

For more information or to enquire about appointments please contacts us at any time.


In General clients will mention some or all of the following points

  • Have a reoccurring issue that won’t go away
  • Have tried other methods to try and resolve the pain
  • Have had an injury with acute swelling and unsure if it can be treated yet
  • Feel that they don’t know where they should be going with this pain
  • Experience a new pain that is restricting their daily ability to function
  • Unable to pin point the cause of the pain
  • Been told they have to learn to live with the pain
  • They are unable to describe the pain
  • Describe themselves as not feeling the same since, either emotionally, physically or both
  • Have had pain spreading from different areas of the body over the past number of months

So why come to amgtherapy

    • Treat the source not the condition
    • Professional one to one consultation to ensure the correct treatment plan for you
    • Whether you have experienced a muscle injury in sport or at home it will not change the consultation process
    • Medication free pain relief
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